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Pole Solar Rack

In order not to damage vegetation and more efficient use of land resources, many customers will choose pole solar racks. solarun Pole Solar Rack sturdy construction, easy assembly, and can load 1-10 sets solar modules.

Benefits :

1.Simple and fast installation.
Only use simple tools to install.Our special stainless steel T bolts can be put into the rail from the any location and can be high pre-assembly with the clamp and hook. No welding and drill in the press of installation, so can minimize the time and cost of installation.

2. High strength.
With all structural components comprised of high class stainless steel 304,hot dipped steel and anodized alloy, it is designed for 25 years service life and 10 years warranty.

3.Strong applicability.
Solarun mounting system can suit for any size framed or unframed modules.

4.Solarun mounting system suit for EU, AU, US and other standards.

Place of use:  Ground
Wind load:   max.45m/s
Snow load:   max.1.5kN/m²
Laminates/modules:Framed and unframed
Module layout: In series, 6 pcs modules per unit
Module orientation: Vertical or horizontal
Setting angle: 5°-60°
Surface treatment:  Stainless steel & anodised AL
Material:   Stainless steel SUS304,hot dipped steel Q235,Aluminium 6063-T5
Standard: Suit for EU,AU,US standardWarranty: 10 years durability on materials

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